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"PRO 6000" Turboshaft Engine

PRO 6000 is our new high performance engine developed for large and heavy helicopters from 2 to 3 m rotor diameter.
The healthy and dependable Jakadofsky product line is topped by this even more powerful turboshaft engine. Besides new internal modifications, comes the PRO 6000 engine standard equipped with our 5-axis HSC milled Nimonic turbine wheel and the increased rated rpm of 100.000 rpm are resulting in 6 kW rated power output. Low residual thrust and a very decent fuel consumption of just 185 ml/min are convincing. Dont get fooled by ads from some of our competitors claiming fictive higher power ratings and low fuel consumtions, that are never reached in reality. As serious engine manufacturer serving the aviation industry for more than a decade, we guarantee that the power and proven single turboshaft reliabilty of this engine will convince you, day in, day out. And dont forget the internal gearbox lifetime warranty. The Jakadofsky GmbH is setting the unmatched standard here. Propane start is standard. Kero start is available for an additional $300.00

Advantages of the installed milled 5-axis HSC Nimonic turbine wheel over the cast wheels are:
Even more power, running smoothness and reliability!

Your Price:$6,857.00