Starwood Turbine Lama

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The "Starwood" edition Turbine Lama is mostly prefabricated and preassembled. The metal parts such as the lattice tail, mainframe assembly and skids are already powder coated. The front cabin and doors are also semi finished in that the window openings are pre cut-out and the parts are ready painted in white. Also included in the kit is a very impressive scale rotor head and scale tail gearbox, these come preassembled and ready painted, as does the scale dome extension for the main shaft. Scale parts for cabin and main frame are also included, such as seats, joysticks, instrument console, oil tank, air filters, etc. Main rotor and tail blades are included. Included is the special "Starwood" Turbine made by Jakadofsky Turbines just for this particular kit, with the correct gear ratio, and propane start.
Kero start is an option for this turbine.

Extra options include scale exhaust, and scale fuel tank.

Technical Data:

Scale 1:5
Length 2108 mm
Width 470 mm
Height 700 mm
Rotor 2300 mm
Motor Jet
Weight 17,6 kg

Your Price:$4,000.00